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We sell TLC Lice Shampoo, an all-natural lice shampoo – 100% safe and effective, pesticide and sulfate free shampoo, that is recommended by Pediatricians, School Nurses and parents like you. TLC Shampoo was specifically formulated to kill super lice. It is 100% effective against super lice!

We also offer a professional lice removal service so you can hire us to do the Lice Removal for you.

Contact us to help guide you through the lice removal process using TLC Lice Shampoo or for a Lice Removal appointment.

The TLC LiceLadies

In-Home, Professional Lice Removal
7 Days a Week

TLC Lice Shampoo

All Natural, Pesticide-Free Shampoo
Detailed instructions include our knowledge and experience.

Fast, Efficient Lice Removal

The LiceLadies can do in hours, what would take you days, Saving you time and money.

Liceladies remove lice

The LiceLadies remove nits and lice

When someone gets lice all the nits (the lice eggs) must be removed from the hair, the Lice Ladies are experts in lice and nit removal and offer a Comb-Out service, they go to your house and easily remove all the nits from your hair. It is a tedious process and their experience and tools have helped many families in Phoenix and surrounding cities. To find more information about that service please click here or email them.

The LiceLadies accept Cash, Debit and Credit cards. We also accept most HSA Debit Cards, verify with your plan and know your balance.

TLC LiceLadies tv spots

Because of their success, the LiceLadies and their lice removal service are very well known in the Phoenix area. They have been on several TV shows including:

  • Good Morning AZ
  • Sonoran Living
  • Your Life A to Z
  • Channel 12 Weekend
  • Raising Arizona Kids

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Louse shampoo kills lice

TLC Lice Shampoo kills ALL lice!

  • TLC’s rich, natural botanical formula was blended specifically to safely kill all types of lice and make the lice removal process a lot easier!
  • TLC Lice Shampoo is 100% safe and effective. Even babies can use our product.
  • TLC can be used daily because it is made with tea tree, lavender and spearmint oils. These essential oils are healthy for your hair, but deadly to lice.
  • It even kills the lice other products can’t.
  • It kills super lice. We guarantee it!

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Lice Removal & Lice Combout by the TLC LiceLadies:

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Experienced and Effective Lice Picking Service

The LiceLadies are very experienced in removing nits and we can remove them in a matter of hours, so your kids can go back to school!

How much do the LiceLadies charge?

The LiceLadies rate is $98.00/hour and TLC Lice Shampoo is sold separately.

We offer a 30-minute head check for $49. The 30-minute check is to identify who in the family does or does not have lice, if a comb-out is needed the $49 is applied to the hourly rate. On average most comb-outs on a person take about an hour, time does vary due to length, thickness of hair and the severity of the case of lice.

The LiceLadies accept Cash, Debit and Credit cards. We also accept most HSA Debit Cards, verify with your plan and know your balance. 

The majority of families don’t hear about us till they have already spent hundreds of dollars on inadequate products and combs and lost days from school and work. Don’t let that happen to your family. Call us today at 602 558-4646

The Most Discreet and Reliable Lice Picking Service!

Privacy is a top priority, so no worries about your neighbors finding out about the lice problem. Each person on average takes 1 hour to comb out. We have you follow up with our shampoo for the same 7 day schedule that you would follow if you used the shampoo on your own and did your own “nit picking”. Call us today and be lice free 602 558-4646!

7 days a week support!

Do you have lice related questions? Are you overwhelmed by lice and nits? The LiceLadies are available 7 days a week and offer free phone support. Call them today and be lice free 602 558-4646!