Total Lice Control

Lice Free with TLC™

Why should you hire in-home Lice removal services?

Did your child get sent home from school again?

Are they still finding nits even though you have been combing through her hair for a week?

Sounds like you need the help of a Nit Picking Service (lice combout) and the Liceladies can do that for you. They are experienced, thorough and fast at this very task.

The Liceladies come to your house and the Nit Picking Service is done for you, combing through the hair with a fine tooth comb. This process removes nits, hatched or unhatched and any live bugs. On average it takes about an hour to do one person with lice, depending on length, thickness of hair and seriousness of infestation. It is important to do this with daylight as the light source, so daytime appointments are preferred.

How much does it cost?

The LiceLadies rate is $98.00/hour and TLC Lice Shampoo is sold separately.

We offer a 30-minute head check for $49. The 30-minute check is to identify who in the family does or does not have lice, if a comb-out is needed the $49 is applied to the hourly rate. On average most comb-outs on a person take about an hour, time does vary due to length, thickness of hair and the severity of the case of lice.

We accept Cash, Debit and Credit cards. We also accept most HSA Debit Cards, verify with your plan and know your balance. 

The majority of families don’t hear about us till they have already spent hundreds of dollars on inadequate products and combs and lost days from school and work. Don’t let that happen to your family. Call us today at 602 558-4646

Why can't I do the lice picking myself?

You can but is not a job for everyone. Why? Because most people miss a few nits, and if you miss one nit, the lice will come back!

Most of our clients have spent money in products that do not work, their kids have missed days of school, and they have tried a lot of home remedies before contacting us. We can save you all this headache!

Not only they are experienced in lice picking, the TLC Lice Ladies use a lice removal comb that is over a 100 years old and can remove lice and nits and eggs better than any lice removal comb available in the market.

I am in Arizona, can the LiceLadies help me?

The TLC LiceLadies offer lice removal in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Glendale, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, Ahwatukee, Mesa, Paradise Valley and the metropolitan Phoenix area.

If we are not in your city, no worries, call  us and we can still help you with free phone support!
If you have questions about lice removal in your area, please contact us at 602 558-4646.

Will my neighbors know the LiceLadies are visiting?

Only if you tell them.

The TLC LiceLadies are discreet and come in an un-marked car. Privacy is a top priority, so no worries about your neighbors finding out about the lice problem. 

What happens after the lice comb-out?

After a combout by the LiceLadies, it is recommended to use Total Lice Control Shampoo, all natural lice shampoo to treat the hair in case any nits are missed.

You can order the shampoo directly from your LiceLady as they all carry the shampoo with them.