Total Lice Control

Lice Free with TLC™

Cleaning Guide for the House:

While you are treating family members with TLC Lice Shampoo, you will also need to treat your home. All you need is a vacuum, a freezer, and a dryer to treat everything in the house. Also required are resealable plastic bags and large plastic garbage bags.

Day 1 – VACUUM the entire house, every room even rooms you might not normally go into. Vacuum all furniture, hard floors, carpeted floors, seats, and interior of all cars. (if its summer and/or above 90 degrees, you will kill the lice by parking your car in the sun with windows rolled up every day of the 7 day protocol). Be sure to vacuum the area where you keep combs and brushes e.g. drawers, baskets.

FREEZER—Place all brushes, combs, all hair accessories and baseball caps in plastic resealable bags and then put those in the freezer. The freezer will kill any lice that may be on those items. Leave in freezer for the full 7 day protocol, the items they should be in for a minimum 4 hours before using. Use these items to style hair and as soon as you have finished put back into the freezer and they will be ready when you need them again, that night or the next morning. There is no need to boil, soak in alcohol or throw these items away; the freezer will do all the work for you thus saving you time.

DRYER—In the bedroom of the person or persons with lice, put their bedding: top sheet, fitted sheet, pillow, pillow case, comforter or blanket, whatever is on the bed every day goes into the dryer EVERY DAY of the 7 day protocol for 30 minutes on high heat. No need to wash any items as the wash cycle is not hot enough, long enough to kill the lice. Place stuffed animals, decorative pillows and decorative throw blankets in large plastic garbage bags, tie off the top and leave untouched in a spare bedroom, back of a closet or a garage for 2 weeks. The 2 weeks is the life cycle of a louse, if it lays an egg/nit and that egg hatches. This whole process ends up being 2 weeks. (If your child has a favorite stuffed animal or 2 that they are very attached to, put those items in the dryer with the bedding every day of the 7 day protocol)

The clothing worn by the people with lice should go directly in with the dirty clothes when removed and not put back in the closet until they have been washed and dried for 30 minutes on high heat.

Hair towels are used only once and then washed and dried 30 minutes on high heat. You can also just place these in the dryer on a daily bases for the 7 day protocol if not soiled and requiring laundering. 30 minutes in the dyer on high heat is a key household treatment.

Backpacks are emptied daily upon arrival home from school and dried for 30 minutes on high heat. Backpacks are a great way for the lice to come home from school with your child!!!! This process is the only one that you should extend past the 7 day treatment. We see infestations lasting on average 2 to 4 month.

Days 4 and 7, vacuum the areas you and your family spend most of their time: the sofa, floor around the sofa; dining chairs and flooring around the table; computer chair and floor around computer; bedroom of the persons with lice and the bathroom they use.

Remember, bedding of the people with lice go into the dryer every day of the 7 day protocol for 30 minutes on high heat. And all brushes, combs and hair accessories are kept in freezer, only to be taken out, used and then put right back into the freezer until after the final treatment on day 7.

After the seventh day you can resume normal activities because all the nits have hatched, have been combed out and all the lice are dead.

Please Call TLC LiceLadies with your questions.