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what is lice Comb-OutWhat is Lice Removal?

The LiceLadies removes lice and nits/eggs from the hair with a special fine tooth comb going through the hair, section by section until the entire head is done. This process takes about 1 hour per person on average. Hair length, thickness, how involved the infestation is and how well the child does sitting still can be variables. Your TLC LiceLady will check all the member of the family, identifying who needs lice removal.

TLC Lice Removal is conveniently done in your own home. The LiceLadies are discreet and respect the privacy of our clients.

Number 1 Lice Removing seriviceWhy hire the LiceLadies for in-home Lice Removal?

TLC LiceLadies are experienced professionals in the process of lice removal/comb-out since 1997.

When we arrive you can breathe a sigh of relief, we will take care of
combing out the lice and nits/eggs from the hair of all the members
of your family and you, too. The LiceLadies will also provide you with all
the information you need to lice proof your house.

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What is the cost of a Comb-Out by the LiceLadies?

$98 per hour

We have a 30-minute minimum of $49. On average, a lice removal session takes about an hour per person. After the first hour, charges are in 15-minute increments. It only takes a few minutes to verify if you have lice and it’s best to have everyone in the family checked. Some locations have a mileage charge. TLC Lice Shampoo is sold separately.

This will be the best money you will ever spend. When you add up the cost of ineffective products, the time you spend on failed procedures, missed days of work and your child’s missed days of school; you could be spared all that heartache, stress, and expense by calling the LiceLadies first and scheduling an appointment.

Call The LiceLadies today for more details on how to become Lice Free.

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Can I do the Nit Picking myself?

Yes, you can. TLC Lice Shampoo has a 100% success rate when the enclosed instructions are followed. And when doing it yourself, we are just a phone call away to help you with your questions.

Many parents don’t have the time or the patience to do the Lice Removal themselves, so they call the LiceLadies to do the major part of the process, the Removal and combing-out of Lice and Nits. We can be done quickly and efficiently with something that will take you days and days to do on your own. When the LiceLadies do the Lice Removal for you, the kids will be back in school the next day and you can be back to work.

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We offer complimentary phone support 7 days a week!

What area do the LiceLadies service?

The LiceLadies come to your house in the Phoenix Metropolitan area (Phoenix and surrounding cities).

We can help you no matter where you live, order TLC on our website and have it sent directly to you by clicking on Shop to your left. And call the TLC LiceLadies with your questions, we can help you be successful.

Call today with questions or to schedule an appointment.

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Do the LiceLadies have signs on their vehicles?

No, there is no advertising on the LiceLadies’s car. No one will know who is at your house.

We do recommend telling friends and family that they may have been exposed to lice so they can check and treat if needed. Think who your children have been in close contact with over the last 4 to 6 weeks, on average that’s about how long people have lice before finding it.

What do I need to do after the Lice Removal by the LiceLadies?

We recommend everyone in the family treat with TLC Lice Shampoo, to kill any missed nits as they hatch.  Treating your house  for lice is very important, too. Instructions are included in every box of TLC Lice Shampoo and on the left of this page under Lice Products, Directions tab.

TLC Lice Shampoo can be purchased from the LiceLadies at the time of your Comb-Out or from a TLC Lice Shampoo Retailer.

Reasons the LiceLadies are the answer to your Head Lice problem:

  • The LiceLadies are trained in Head Lice Removal
  • Our experience saves you time from days to just hours
  • The efficient lice removal gets your kids back in school the next day
  • We come to you. Lice removals are done in the privacy of your own home
  • The LiceLadies have a way of putting kids at ease and parents, too
  • We have a detailed, simple plan for how you treat your house for lice
  • We are available 7 days a week to answer questions
  • The LiceLadies have been treating lice since 1997

Please call today with questions or to schedule an appointment.

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Don’t have time for Lice?

Eradicate Lice and Nits in just ONE appointment…
Let the TLC Lice Ladies do it for you!

Discreet – In home lice removal, Professional and Effective!

The Lice Ladies Can Help You!

Just call, the LiceLadies will come to your house, check all family members, and remove all lice and nits/eggs they find. The combing out process done with a fine tooth comb is the best way to remove the nits from the hair, allowing the kids to return to school the very next day. The LiceLadies are available to do comb-outs in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area.

The LiceLadies accept Cash, Debit and Credit cards. We also accept most HSA Debit Cards, verify with your plan and know your balance.

To purchase TLC Lice Shampoo in the Greater Phoenix Area refer to TLC Retailers on this website or click here:

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Need help removing lice?
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